Disembodied Roswell's Valentine's Day NBM Gift

A clip starring Roswell

Roswell in Disembodied Roswell's Valentine's Day NBM Gift

In this clip: legs, feet, surreal, willing, silly, tease, Fixed camera, redhead, big tits, tits, sexy/provocative, annoyed, magic

It's Valentine's Day and Roswell wants to give her boyfriend the best gift: her head. However, her body has different plans.

Scene 1: Roswell looks in the bathroom mirror. She just got out of bed so her hair is messy. She psyches herself out, puts her hands around her head, turns it left, right, then tries to lift up.

Scene 2: Cut to the next scene where her disembodied head lays on the bathroom rug. Her hair is spread out, blocking/covering her face. It hurts for a second, but she laughs it off. She sighs with relief that she was able to take her head off, and is amazed by the situation, commenting on how weird this feels, etc (this is her first time.) She unsuccessfully tries to blow the hair out of her face, eventually asking her body to help her. Unfortunately, no matter how many times she calls for her body, it doesn't come, irritating Roswell. Suddenly, she hears a knock on the bathroom door; it's her boyfriend. He tries to come in but Roswell in a panic tells him not to come in. He asks why but she comes up with excuses and eventually he leaves. She sighs another breathe of relief, as she didn't want to ruin the surprise, and tells her body to just pick her up when it's ready. She still has to do her hair.

Scene 3: Roswell is now wearing a nice dress and high heels, and sitting on the couch with a box next to her. She tells herself it'll only be a couple of hours at most, then tries to pull her head off again.

Scene 4: Her head is now in the box. She tries to get herself comfortable as best as she can, but is mostly relieved that she was able to put herself in the box in the first place. She gets her body's attention and tells her the plan. The body is to wrap the box and place it on the bed in the bedroom. Then, wait in the living room for him to come home. From there, the rest should be obvious. After confirming that the body understood the plan, Roswell closes her eyes, takes a few deep breaths, and tells the body she's ready to be wrapped.

Scene 5: The body shakes the closed box a bit, much to the head's irritation. Then, holding the box, walks around the room for a second (to trick the head), then puts the box on the floor somewhere out of sight. After that, it sits back on the couch with its legs crossed, waiting.

Scene 6: The boyfriend comes home amazed to see her headless body. He gets closer, asking where her head is but the body "shushes" him by putting her finger up to his mouth. The body leads him into the bedroom.

Mini-scene: Close-up of the box, where we can hear Roswell yelling from within (she heard the body go into the other room.) Unfortunately, no one can hear her.

Scene 7: The boyfriend continues to play around with the body, rubbing her legs, eventually massaging her soles. The body seems to enjoy the attention its getting.

Scene 8: Meanwhile, Roswell managed to get out of the box somehow, and is yet again on the floor. She yells for someone to come and get her, getting more irritated with each yell, but no one can hear her. She curses her body and says she wishes she had never done this stupid thing. Her hair is in her face again, so she tries to blow it off unsuccessfully, which irritates her more. After complaining and calling out for a couple minutes, the boyfriend finally comes into the room and sees her on the ground. She sarcastically asks if he's had enough fun and demands he pick her up. The guy wipes her hair away from her face, and tries to pick her up.

Scene 9: Roswell lays on her boyfriend's lap as he caresses her face, trying to calm her down. They talk a little bit, as Roswell explains what was supposed to happen, and she seems less angry now. The boyfriend asks what it's like to be a head, and she tells him her experiences thus far (all while the boyfriend continues to comfort her.) They joke around for a bit about the situation but eventually Roswell kindly asks him to put her on her body, as she's pretty tired now. The boyfriend, however, is hesitant and tells her he prefers her this way. She's dumbfounded by his response and begins to argue with him. Eventually, the boyfriend gets tired and tells her he knows what to do with her. She asks him what he means, but he doesn't answer.

Scene 10: Roswell's head now hangs on the wall, like a trophy. She demands to be put back down but he refuses. He starts to caress her face/head. She even tries to bite him back. After messing with her for a while, he says he's going to play with her body now and leaves. She yells for him to come back but he's gone. She laments about the situation, saying this is the worst Valentine's day ever. She tries to wiggle her way off the wall (as if that will help) but she's on there tight.