A Lesbian Vampire Tale

A clip starring Ammalia, Niki

Ammalia, Niki in A Lesbian Vampire Tale

In this clip: neck, feet, sleeping/limp, licking, night/deshabille, domination, brunette, redhead, foot worship, lesbian, sensual, costumes/fantasy

This clip is very dark, evoking the darkness of a bedroom in the night, where poor Niki is dreaming in her bed. A female vampire (Ammalia) slips in, and starts caressing and biting her in a very gentle way, just to let her dream even more... She begins worshipping her legs and feet, and then moves up, to begin biting her in a very deeper way. Niki never wakes up, but reacts to her lesbian bites as if it's this is something which arouses her in her sleep, at the point that it sounds like she's close to orgasm...