Vegan Cop Oiled Ass

A clip starring Brook Logan, Chloe Toy

Brook Logan, Chloe Toy in Vegan Cop Oiled Ass

In this clip: neck, ass, fighting, groping, young, freeze/robot, blonde, tits, stripping, uniforms, choking, mouth

Officer Chloe Toy is in the vegan enforcement unit, she is raiding a restaurant accused of smuggling exotic meats. Cop Chloe with a very menacing and petulant tone demands the flesh merchant to provide proof that he isn’t storing illegal meats. He gives no straight answers he just mocks her and looks at her legs, which angers her even more! She gets up and is immediately confronted by the merchant’s henchwoman, they have a short scuffle where cop Chloe is on the losing side, she is pinned to the ground her legs flailing about and is put out in a choke hold. The camera does a panning shot of the defeated body and the villainess places her in a sitting position resting against the couch. The camera does a close up of her face and the henchwoman opens her mouth, puts a pill in it and covers it with her hand. The limp officer's body starts to twitch and convulse, her eyes remain closed, she tries to remove the villain's hand but in a heartbeat she is limp again. The pill shuts down her brain but keeps her motor skills functional, so to keep the body fresh. Following that, the villainess does some eye checks. First one eye individually and then both at the same time. She moves to face play, tilting her head forwards and backwards and to the right and left sides. She makes her lips smile, opens her mouth controlling it by the chin and checks her teeth. She puts her arm around her neck and takes a selfie . She unbuttons her blouse feels up her breasts, and after that she moves to leg groping with emphasis on her inner thighs. The camera from a very low angle takes good up skirt shots. The limp cop is pulled up by the arms and placed standing in the middle of the room, the camera does a panning shot of her from the front, then the villainess kneels and feels up her tensed legs and lifts up her skirt (revealing her panties) and lets it drop down again. They switch to her back side with another panning shot, later smacking her ass through the skirt and then lifting it and letting it go down again. After that the villainess starts to dance with the limp cop, holding her from behind by the waist, getting an extra chance to feel up her breasts and legs making her body wobble. Finally once that is done she is dropped on the floor, resting on her side. The villainess sits next to her, rolls up her skirt and removes her panties. She starts oiling her ass and legs and takes a picture which she titles: 100% pure protein cop ass, for her prized customers on the darkweb.