Chloe Toy's Anal JOI on Videochat

A clip starring Chloe Toy

Chloe Toy in Chloe Toy's Anal JOI on Videochat

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Chloe T was wearing the expensive pearl necklace and bracelet that a rich guy had given to Kitty, her mom. She had stolen them from her mom and decided to call him and set up a date. She figured that the guy would not be able to resist her and she could steal him to be her sugar daddy. She made a video call and introduced herself. She told him that her mom could not make it any more, but that she would very happy to fill in for her. When he asked why she thought she was better than her mom, she smiled and told him that she would show him. She first teased him with her body, slowly stripping off her clothes. She showed him her tits, legs and feet and moved to her pussy, giving him nice close up views, pushing her fingers deep inside. But, she saved her best part for last. Her ass. She gave him close up views of her arse, massaging and pushing her fingers deeper and deeper. She gave the guy a graphic anal show, pushing her fingers and hand dee into her arsehole. She encouraged him to take out his cock and wank while played for him, talking dirty to him. Eventually she moved from her arse to her pussy and masturbated, while encouraging him to do the same, until they both came. Chloe lay back and smiled at the guy on the video phone. Well, she said? Better than my mom right! Why don’t you come over and bring me a gift.