POV Virtual Fantasy Sex Doll Honour

A clip starring Honour May

Honour May in POV Virtual Fantasy Sex Doll Honour

In this clip: genitals, dirty talk, POV, horny, sensual, spreads, mouth, details/closeups

Honour is tied, spread-eagled on a bed waiting. Honour smiles as the guy comes in and welcomes him. She tells him that she his virtual fantasy sex partner. She is tied up and helpless and all for him. He can do whatever he wants. He seems shy. So, she tells him that she will help him. She tells him to inspect her body close up. His eyes move across her body, starting with the ropes around her wrists, moving to her face, lips, eyes, neck, then down to her, tits and around her nipples. He moves down to her belly button, down her legs to her feet, paying attention to her stocking covered feet. Finally he moves back up to her pussy, taking it in, sniffing her. Honour smiles as he is doing this, talking dirty to him. Honour tells him to take his dick out and start to wank. She talks dirty as he is doing it. She then tells him rub his dick over her body. He does, starting at her feet, moving up her legs, to her tits and nipples. Finally she tells him to put it in her mouth. He does as she takes it and gives him a virtual blow job. After some time, he moves back. She tells him to fuck her. He moves to her pussy and virtually fucks honour, pulling out and cumming all over her stomach.