Cherry English, a Cute Wasted Roast

A clip starring Cherry English

Cherry English in Cherry English, a Cute Wasted Roast

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Truly excited that her day has finally come, cute roast Cherry is introduced into the preparation room where she is asked to strip. Her flesh and muscles get inspected and appreciated, and she climbs onto the tray waiting for her.

The chef begins oiling up her boobs, and she submissively does all she is being asked, naively, unaware that she ended up with the wrong chef.
In fact, after making her promise not to tell anyone, he puts some olive oil on her hand and takes his dick out; Cherry has never seen one and doesn't know what to do, but she starts wanking him off as soon as she gets instructed. She doesn't realize the risks, as if this gets discovered she may be discarded for food contamination. She is very naive.

When the chef comes, there is some cum on her thigh and on the tray. he realizes this may be a bit of a problem, so he wipes it off using some greens and hides it under the leaves hoping that won't be noticed.

Back to work, he takes a bunch of carrots and asks Cherry to pick one, which is then inserted in her pussy. Finally, she is willing silenced with the apple in her mouth and processed.

Pans of Cherry posing as a roast follow. Unfortunately, a contamination form is attached onto her back, saying "Do Not Eat". The mess has been caught, and sweet Cherry makes a completely wasted roast!