Cop Chloe Toy And The Investigation Report

A clip starring Chloe Toy

Chloe Toy in Cop Chloe Toy And The Investigation Report

In this clip:

Cop Chloe in her police outfit turns on her computer (we see from the camera on the computer POV). She is updating her investigation into what they are calling the MC Killer. The MC Killer has killed 20 girls so far and they are not sure how the person in doing it but they do have some evidence from the latest victim. She shows an ear piece to the camera explaining they are not sure how it fits in but was found on the latest victim. "That's funny" she says the device was making noises this was not happening when they found the device. She tries to hear what it is saying but its muffles. She then puts the ear piece in her ear. Realizing the mistake, she just made she tries to remove the ear piece but goes into a trance instead. "I obey" she says and calls up a website on the computer. "I am completely under your control Master." She says towards the screen. "I will blow you a kiss Master." She replies and blows a kiss. "I will sleep for you master." Her eyes rollback and she goes to sleep. After a few moments her eyes open and she says "I have awakened for you Master." She then starts unbuttoning her outfit. "I will disrobe for you Master." She says and proceeds to strip down to her bra and panties. "I will suck a dildo for you master." Is her neck reply and then proceeds to suck a dildo. "I will blow a kiss master." She blows another kiss. "I will entertain you Master." She pulls out a belt and loops it around her neck. She starts pulling it tighter. "I am becoming aroused for you master." She states and continues to pull the belt tighter with one hand the other starts touching her face as she becomes more and more aroused. She covers her mouth with her hand so she does not scream to loud as she gives into her arousal. Now spent from her ordeal she removes her hand from her mouth.