Honour May and the 40 Years Old Virgin's Birthday

A clip starring Honour May

Honour May in Honour May and the 40 Years Old Virgin's Birthday

In this clip: genitals, ass, legs, groping, dirty talk, casual/ordinary, tease, POV, wet, clothes, humiliation, playful/giggling, tits, striptease, sensual, dominant/leading

The video is to be shot POV style. It’s my birthday, and the girl will play the part of a girl who is one of my best friends, but is also someone I always had a crush on but could never get. She is coming over to celebrate. The video starts with her ringing my doorbell and I, opening the door, letting her in. She greets me by saying happy birthday to me, and I let her into the room. We sit down on the couch. She tells me that she hasn’t seen me in a while. She asks who else is coming over. There’s pause (in pretense that I responded by saying that no one is coming). She is shocked that no one is coming (she says so no one is coming?). She feels bad, but says we will have more time to spend with each other in that case. She tells me that she heard I may be going out with someone. The camera turns from left to right, mimicking a head shake. She asks me why, and I’m such a great guy. She then tells me that I have always been a bit shy. She comforts me. She tells me she broke up with her boyfriend recently. It turns out that he wasn’t as nice a person that he pretended he was. I reach over and rub her arm to comfort her. She changes the subject and asks what do I want to do for my birthday since she has all day. The camera tilts a bit as if I’m thinking about it. She waits a bit, but sees that I’m not sure. She says we can always watch a movie, like the 40 Year Old Virgin, since she never saw that. The camera shows I point to myself in response. She calls me silly, but then realized that there may be some truth to this. She carefully asks me if I’m really a virgin. I waited to answer, and finally reluctantly answer yes by tipping the camera up and down. She is shocked. She comments that I’m a great guy, smart, cute, a little short, but otherwise, perfect, and has a good job. She can’t understand why. She is now interested. She asks how far I have ever gone with a woman. There’s no response from me. So, she asked what about kissing. Still no response. She couldn’t believe it. She asks if I ever touched anyone’s boobs. The camera moves to respond a no. She said so I don’t know what it feels like. The camera moves to say no. She straightens herself, and said okay, for my birthday present, she will allow me to touch her boobs. I move my hand in front of the camera motioning no. She tells me that’s my problem and I’m too nice. She opens her jacket and tells me to go ahead. I hesitated. She said c’mon. I slowly reached out my hand, stop right before reaching her. She said c’mon again. My hand reached over and put it on one of her boobs. She tells me to squeeze. I waited, and then squeezed. She smiles and asks how does it feel? I pull my hand away. She hangs her head down and tells me that I’m just too honest. She tells me that her gift to me will be that she is going to make a man out of me today. She stands up and takes my hand and pulls me up, and tells me to follow her. We go into the bathroom. She turns on shower. Tests the water. She steps in. allowing the water to rain on her. She wets all of her clothing. She smiles. She takes off her wet jacket and sneakers tell me to put them aside. She turns seductively while wetting her hair. She shows me her wet jeans and ass. She asks me what do I think. She smiles as if I gave her a positive response. She tells me that why then do I never tell her that before? She said if I think she was too good for me. The camera nods. She replies that if only I had asked. She tells me that she never thought any of the guys she dated were as interesting as I am. She corrects herself and say, she didn’t date too many. She pauses, then says about 5, and slowly says, she only slept with the men she dated, never just anyone. Some of men she dated like oral, one liked anal, but she didn’t like it. Some liked to give her oral sex. But all seem more interested in fucking her than caring about her. She tells me that if I had asked her, I would have gotten the blow jobs and fucked her all I wanted because she knew I cared about her. She slowly takes off her sweater and her tight t-shirt is completely see-through. She showers some more, showing me her tits through her clingy t-shirt. She tells me to grab her boobs. I do from one to the other. She turns and shows me her ass. I grab her ass. She turns to the front and slowly lifts up one side of the t-shirt, revealing a part of her breast, but not the nipple. She smiles and let the shirt down. She lets the water rain on her breasts for a while. She then steps forward and lifts up her t-shirt with both hand, finally showing me her breasts and nipples. She lets the water shower on them bare. She lets her shirt down again. She tells me to take out my phone and take a few pictures of her. She poses seductively. She lifts up her shirt to show her breasts here and there (one breast, two breasts, etc.). Shows her butt to the camera. I stop taking pictures and put the phone away. After putting the camera, the model continues to shower with her cloth on. She finally takes off her t-shirt completely, so she is now topless. I reach over and grab her breasts again. She smiles. She begins to slip out of her jeans. She is not wearing any underwear. She turns and shows me her butt as she slips out of her jeans completely. She is now in the nude. She put on soap and takes a shower as I watch. Once she finishes. I hand her a towel to dry. She thanks me. She asks me if I had thought of a birthday wish? Next scene, she is in bed, I’m on top having sex with her (simulated, of course). She moans softly. Her breasts bouncing. After a little bit of that, the scene fades out. Slowly it faints in with her looking at me in bed. She puts her lips on the camera and kisses it. She tells me happy birthday.