Model Secretary Alicia Poses Wet In The Bathtub

A clip starring Alicia

Alicia in Model Secretary Alicia Poses Wet In The Bathtub

In this clip: hair, embarrassment, secretary/business, POV, wet, playful/giggling, brunette, chubby, stripping, annoyed, audition/interview

Alicia plays a model who has been hired to do a shoot. The photographer is POV and his talking is implied (Alicia replies making the situation understandable) Alicia comes into the living room through the door, very proper. She introduces herself and explains that she is there for the photo shoot. She thanks him for hiring her, asks him to just tell her anything he would like her do, and promises to do an excellent job. The photographer has her do some poses, including ones with her at different angles, and with her hands on her hips. She is happy that it is going well. After a while, the photographer asks her to go into the bathroom. She is a little surprised, but then cheerfully agrees, and goes through the door. She enters the bathroom, where the photographer has her do the poses again. He then asks her to take off her coat and also suggests she takes off her shoes. After she does, she says she is much more comfortable. She poses again. When she is finished with the poses, she relaxes more and comments on how funny it is posing in a bathroom. The photographer then asks her to step into the tub, which has water in it. She is surprised, then concerned. She reluctantly steps into the tub. She poses. He then asks her to sit down in the tub. She puts her hands on her hips, looking down at the tub and up at him a few times, until she agrees. She sits down, very uncomfortable in the water. He asks if she is ready for what comes next. She says that, as long as he doesn’t ask her to take her clothes off, she is ready for anything. He asks he to go underwater. Her eyes go wide. She moves forward enough to lie down, looking up at him repeatedly to see if he would change his mind. Finally, she gets ready and lies all the way back, going underneath the water for a few seconds, then coming up. She wipes her hair back so that it is slicked back behind her ears and down the back of her neck (and tries to keep it that way for the remainder of the video). He has her get up and pose again, then has her repeat the submersions and poses two more times. Each time, she gets more comfortable and poses more confidently and seductively. He then has her get out of the tub. She looks in the mirror and is impressed by how she looks. She puts her coat and shoes back on, keeping her hair outside of the coat, and poses again. They then go back to the main living room. She comments on how she can’t believe what happened back in there. She poses again in the coat. He has her take off the coat and go through the poses again, then tells her she is finished. She comments on how she feels much better now. She decides to get out of her wet clothes. She takes of her shoes, then takes off her blouse, and finally her skirt, untl she just has on her bra and panties, saying how she can’t believe she was so worried about taking her clothes off. Fortunately, she brought a change of clothes. She pauses, leans in toward him, and tells him that it’s okay that he wanted to see her like that. It was difficult at first, but now she’s glad that he did this to her. She decides to pose for him again, in her underwear. She thanks him again, leans in, blows a kiss, and walks away.