Chloe Toy Zapped and Tongue Inspected by Faye Taylor

A clip starring Chloe Toy, Faye Taylor

Chloe Toy, Faye Taylor in Chloe Toy Zapped and Tongue Inspected by Faye Taylor

In this clip: sleeping/limp, trance/hypnosis, desperation, evil, pain/torture, domination, blonde, brunette, tickling, bikini/beachwear, interrogation, choking, mouth, armpits

1. Model (Chloe Toy) in skimpy bikini conversing on telephone, on a subversive plan. 2. Entry of woman cop (Faye Taylor), dressed in very low cut and tight blouse with conspicuous breasts and low shorts with visible navel and midriff; informs that she is a police officer and that she has information about her plans and to come clean. 3. Model says she is a bikini model, Brief altercation and model reaches for a hidden weapon. 4. Cop uses a small hidden stun device to stun the model 5. The model is stunned, she moans and shudders. 6. The cop guides her down to the bed, where she lies sprawled, her mouth wide open and tongue protruding as much as possible. Pan on face and body. 7. The cop slaps her cheeks to waken her. She then informs her that she has been stunned and will not be able to move her limbs even though she will feel everything. She then asks her to reveal all her secrets, failing which she will use her methods. 8. The model insists that she knows nothing. 9. The cop then takes off the model's bikini top and bottom. She alternately stuns, tickles and chokes the model. The model, when tickled, laughs uncontrollably, mouth wide open. The choking is accompanied by a lot of tongue protrusion, screams, clenching of teeth etc. 10. The cop is devilish, she does a lot of tongue play. She, whilst tickling and using the taser, laughs loudly, stick her tongue out and mocks the model. Whilst strangling, she screeches loudly, abuses the model and shouts. She sounds and appears like a psycho. 11. The model finally confesses her plans and begs to be let go. The cop says that I should arrest you but its easier to put her down and cook up a story. 12. She then stuns the model once more and then applies two fingers on the model's throat in a special pinch which causes the model to go wild. There is good tongue and eye action here. She finally goes limp with her tongue protruding as much as possible. 13. The cop opens her top, exposes her breasts, moans loudly, plays with the model's mouth, opening the mouth, pulling up the lip, pulling out her tongue, examining her teeth and gums, fondling her breasts, all the time with her tongue sticking out.