Laura Smith Zapped, Interrogated and Tongue Inspected

A clip starring Laura Smith

Laura Smith in Laura Smith Zapped, Interrogated and Tongue Inspected

In this clip: neck, desperation, pain/torture, domination, brunette, tits, tickling, bikini/beachwear, interrogation, choking, mouth, details/closeups

Laura is talking with colleague over mobile, discussing about next hit on a public figure, fixing up details. An agent in plain clothes enters and says, I have information about you, I need you to tell me about all your plans. The girl is upset and keeps denying, she tries to pull a weapon. The cop uses a stun stick to neutralize her. She shudders, is stunned, her eyes cross and roll, her tongue protrudes and hangs out of her wide open mouth. He spread-eagles her on the bed and then removes her bikini top. She is zapped, unable to move. The cop starts interrogating her. She insists that she does not know anything. So he then first tickles the model to make her laugh and then chokes her. This goes on for a while, tickle, choke, tickle, until the model confesses about her plans. The cop states we can't let this happen and says he has to terminate her. The model starts screaming and wriggling a bit and he uses the stun stick again. She is stunned, her eyes roll and her tongue falls out. He puts two fingers on her throat and presses slowly. Her eyes go wide and start rolling, her tongue comes out and fishes for air and she slowly goes limp with her tongue out. The cop then plays with the model's face, mouth and tongue, eye checks, mouth and tongue.